Friday, November 11, 2005

What does a Red Rose means?

Red Rose is a symbol of solidarity in fighting for a more equality and justice society. The Red Rose Youth Center is a youth organization mainly involve in organizing seminar, political forum and social related activities. The Continuing Education Department of the center has been organizing and promotes Open University courses since 1999. We have offered public an illuminating and instructive courses in order to popularize higher education and also encourage critical thinking among our learners. Regrettably, our Open University courses stop for some while because of our financial difficulty. But we have started again this year and a group of excellence lecturers are ready to offer their professional talents in order to achieve a better, equity and justice society together with us. Besides, we too have Open University Salon quarterly or when necessary, Open University Salon as an intermediary arena to encourage academically exchange between lecturers and learners and the lecturers between public as well. The Salon is a academically arena that open to public in order to promote a short distance but profound exchange of ideas regarding current issues with our invited guests, so that the learners of Open University and public would have a free ground to be involved in serious but liberally discussion. The Salon also plays a significant role to promote freedom of expression and critical thinking mindset.
Written By Alice, co-ordinator of Open University, RRYC